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One of the key principles of the Promiseland Project is to bring dignity to all work. We are putting that into action with the launch of the Make It Movement, a Purpose-based public awareness campaign designed to inform, inspire and engage Americans around the growing opportunities within skilled careers. The TV and digital campaign launches on Texas college football on October 12, 2019 and drives career-seekers to MakeItMovement.com where they can explore skilled careers, educational and training opportunities and job openings in their area.

The Make it Movement celebrates America’s skilled professionals

It’s a new day in Texas and America. All across the country, thousands of skilled careers await those looking for the opportunity to make a great living and life doing what they love to do. The fact is, you don’t have to wait four years to make it – to become a professional welder, nurse, construction manager, solar technician, truck driver, chef, electrician, or one of many other in-demand careers.

But today, we have a massive awareness and perception problem: the misperception is that a four-year college path is the ONLY path to success.

It’s not true. And the most powerful and proven way to rapidly change that misperception is through a national, compelling, Purposed-inspired marketing and grassroots campaign.

That's where we come in. The Make It Movement is on a mission to restore the dignity of all work. To educate, inspire and engage Americans from all walks and stages of life to jumpstart their careers by going to makeitmovement.com to discover how they can make a great living and a great life, for themselves and their families. And in the process make a real difference.

Many Pathways to Success. Thousands of Great Careers Just Waiting for you.

Community colleges, unions and non-union trade schools, apprenticeships, trade associations, and workforce development programs are open for business everywhere across America. They have the passion and the career-teaching and coaching focus to jumpstart millions of Americans who are longing for the benefits of a high-skill career but have no pathway.

The Make It Movement will launch and then scale a multi-tiered public awareness campaign designed to inform, inspire and engage Americans around the growing opportunities within the professional trades. To ignite new conversations – with high school students, teachers, counselors, parents, and those who work hard but struggle to make ends meet – around the fact that it does not take four years to earn a skill and build a great career. To motivate and tell all Americans that you can open a new door to a new career.

Go to MakeItMovement.com. And get moving.

How you can get involved

First, spread the word here in Texas – to high school students and their families, to counselors and teachers, and to those Texans who are working hard every day but having a difficult time making ends meet. Do your part to encourage career seekers in all walks and stages of life who feel they are stuck and without a clear path to success to go to makeitmovement.com.

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Watch for it on Texas College Football

The Make It Movement was launched -first-in Texas on Saturday October the 12th, 2019. 60 sec and 30 sec TV Spots were aired live in:

Saturday, October 12th

Texas Longhorns

Along with the TV spots on Texas College Football, a digital ad campaign is running to bring attention to the good living and great life that can be made by choosing a skilled career pathway.

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