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Presenting The Skill-Up Festival on America’s New Front Porch

America’s New Front Porch is making its next stop at SXSW in Austin, Texas on March 10th-11th. After our visit to Watford City, ND in October, we’re thrilled to be bringing front porch conversations to the people of Austin and the attendees of SXSW.

America’s New Front Porch is where all kinds of people, from all walks of life, can sit together and talk and listen to one another, as neighbors. We’ll talk about how we’re different, about how we’re the same, and about how we can all find ways to work together. As singer Tracy Lawrence put it, “If the world had a front porch like we did back then, we’d still have our problems, but we’d all be friends.”

The Skill-Up Festival celebrates the Maker Economy

One of the primary tenets of The Promiseland Project is that we need to bring dignity to all types of work, and we can do that by actively walking in each other’s shoes to better understand and appreciate each other. To bring this tenet to life and put boots on the ground, the Promiseland Project will be presenting the Skill-Up Festival on America’s New Front Porch at SXSW.

Along with our friends and partners at Austin Community College, we’ve created The Skill-Up Festival, a multi-day event showcasing and celebrating the skilled careers and workforce that are fueling the maker economy. The event will feature live skilled career demonstrations from the wide range of career opportunities and areas of study available at Austin Community college.

We will also have engaging talks from Austin Community College leaders and Civic leaders, an interactive art display and, of course, live musical entertainment. Our friends and front-porch band Mama Dear are joining us on America’s New Front Porch once again.

Everyone’s Welcome at the Skill-Up Festival at SXSW

Follow our activities at SXSW and get the latest updates on our Facebook event page. If you live nearby Austin or are visiting for SXSW, join us at the Trask House on Red River Street just behind the Austin Convention Center on Sunday, March 10th and Monday, March 11th.

How you can get involved:

Join our community and help us spread the word about this project.

As a business, you can sponsor this project and contribute to its marketing and growth.

Contact us to have the Promiseland Project come to your city or host your own front-porch conversation.

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Roy Spence Speaks at SXSW on March 10th

Find out how The Promiseland Project Founder, Roy Spence, is bringing communities and the country together with his featured session at SXSW: The Promiseland Project - America Winning on Purpose. Join us March 10th, 3:30-4:30pm at the Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon H, 505 E. 4th St.

The Skill Up Festival kicks off immediately after Roy’s speech. Stop by America’s New Front Porch pop-up just behind the Austin Convention Center at 217 Red River St. on March 10th and 11th at 5pm. Open to all, y’all.

The Skill-Up Festival

America's Front Porch: North Dakota

After being with us in Watford City, we’re thrilled to have our favorite front-porch band MamaDear and Mike Biggerstaff of the Texas Association of Builders join us on America’s New Front Porch in Austin.

America's Front Porch: North Dakota

Next Stop Baton Rouge and Farmerville, Louisiana

At the end of our visit in Watford City, we threw another dart, as Roy’s good friend Matthew McConaughey did last year at SXSW. This time it landed on Farmersville, Louisiana our next stop align with Baton Rouge as well take America’s Front Porch to all 50 states in 8 years.

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Promiseland Project Partners

Promiseland Project Partners

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