The Promiseland Project


We believe that America should be driven by Purpose not Politics.

Welcome to The Promiseland Project. Our endeavor is a long-term marketing and grassroots campaign to unleash the power of Purpose to help bridge the cultural divide in America. We are dedicated and committed to using the power of purpose-inspired messaging as a Force for Good to help move America from the dark winter of deep political and cultural division into a bright new dawn of becoming a high-performing and inclusive Culture of US. As in USA.

Our first Purpose-Inspired campaign is called the Make It Movement.

The Make It Movement's purpose is to get perception in line with today’s reality in Texas and across America that, while a four-year college path is the right path for many, it’s not the only path to a great living and great life and informing and inspiring career seekers of all walks and stages of life, that you don’t have to wait 4 years to earn a skill and build a career.

Our Values:
Freedom - It is the foundation of our democracy.
Responsibility - There is no freedom without responsibility.
Opportunity - Everyone deserves a chance.
Community - We’re all in this together.
Diversity - It is what unites us.
Empathy - Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Roy Spence

Roy Spence, Chairman & Co-Founder, GSD&M

Roy Spence, co-founder of The Promiseland Project is also co-founder of the Make It Movement. He deeply believes that Purpose-Inspired marketing can be a Force for Good.


Help Us Spread The Word

Help spread the word here in Texas – to high school students and their families, to counselors and teachers, and to those Texans who are working hard every day but having a difficult time making ends meet. Do your part to encourage career seekers in all walks and stages of life who feel they are stuck and without a clear path to success to go to makeitmovement.com

The Launch

The Make It Movement Test launch in Texas was on Saturday October the 12th, 2019. 60 sec and 30 sec TV Spots were aired and will continue to air in NCAA Football games though October in Texas.

Let's be the best USA.

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